Frequently Asked Questions

1- Why You Should Trust Us?

We are professional in this field and we have been doing this with 100% success for 20 years. Apart from the opinions of our customers, you can contact us on whatsapp to see a few sample documents and sample videos. We receive at least 4-5 orders every day from our worldwide customers, and customers always recommend our services to others after receiving their documentation, so be sure of our legitimacy.

2- How will I know if my document is original?

First of all, there are all the security requirements that should be on Poland driving license such as stamp, Ultraviolet light, hologram, micro print, emboss, seal. You can also inquire whether your driving license is registered on the website.All your documents are sent with apostille and notarization.

3- Can you show examples of satisfied customers?

We would love to be able to do this, but we cannot. Documentation is a very specific matter and in most cases our customers who have acquired the Documentation want it to stay that way. We have some examples and original references on our site, but participants may have changed their names to protect their privacy. Ask yourself this question; If you could get a driving license successfully, would you want the world to know about it? You can still reach us on whatsapp for detailed information.

4- Will my documents be sent to me after I send the Prepayment?

To apply for the driving license course on your behalf, we have to receive a pre-payment. We are professional in this field and we have been doing this for 20 years with 100% success. The trust of our customers is very important to us. Everyday we get 10-15 orders from all over the world. A satisfied customer brings 3 more customers to us. We have been providing services in this field for 10 years. You can read the satisfaction of our customers in the comments on our website. After all your documents are ready, we send you the photos and videos of your documents. The easiest way to establish a level of trust with us is to contact one of our experts via e-mail or whatsapp. Any meeting or conversation we hold will be completely confidential and will be kept strictly confidential and you will not have to continue with any of our programs until your choice.

5- After I get my license, can I convert it to the driving license of my country?

Of course, you can convert it to the driving license of your country. Although it varies from country to country in the European Union, you can change it from the Driving License Office or Driving License Department of the country you are in within 6-12 months after getting your driving license.


We offer a variety of payment options to make your payment more accessible to you. We prefer Western Union and Money Gram as the safest and fastest method for you to receive your order.


You have to stand against a solid wall. Wear good contrasting clothing, keep your shoulders straight. Make sure you are in a bright room, use a good quality mobile phone, or take a photo of your existing photo with your mobile phone and send it to us.


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