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What are the visa application procedures?

Visa application procedures vary from country to country to apply. For example, biometric data registration is mandatory in Schengen visa application processes. For this reason, the applicant must be present in person at the center where the fingerprints will be taken. Except for exceptional countries and personal circumstances, there is no obligation to be present in person for visa applications for Middle East and African countries. Interview procedure is mandatory for US visa applications. Visa fees also differ depending on the country. As a company, we accept visa procedures from all countries of the world, follow up the application process, and deliver your passport to you when the procedure is concluded.

Visa application steps:

1. Passport

The first thing to do in order to obtain a visa is to have a passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of return for the visa approval process. Although this information may seem like a basic and simple step, it is important information for someone who is completely unfamiliar with the visa process. 

2. Visa application documents

After obtaining a passport with the appropriate conditions, the next step is to prepare the necessary documents depending on the professional group of the applicant and the purpose of visit. The process of preparing visa documents varies from person to person, but it takes a maximum of 2 working days. The person's employment status, educational status, retirement or being a housewife will provide guidance for the documents that need to be prepared. Document preparation stage is one of the cornerstones of the visa application file. Even if you have completed all your procedures, missing or incorrectly submitted documents may affect your entire visa process. For this reason, you should take the visa process seriously and provide the documents requested from you in a disciplined manner. 

3. Visa appointment

After the personal documents are prepared by the applicant, a visa appointment is required for some countries. For countries with an appointment requirement, carrying out procedures without an appointment is out of the question, except for very urgent and important situations (health, education, etc.). For this reason, adequate research on the subject should be done. The first thing to consider when making an appointment is to code your passport information correctly and to plan an appointment based on your travel date. The recommended appointment timing can be determined 1 month before your trip. Although the completion of visa application period of some countries is short, the appointment order may be delayed due to the appointment density. Wrongly coded passport information (passport number, name, surname, date of birth, etc.) may result in your appointment not being accepted, although it is at the embassy/consulate employee's discretion. Therefore, it is recommended that the person come to the appointment by checking their information.

4. Forms and papers

Until the date of the appointment, the person should fully prepare the personal documents and the visa application file. Documents such as the correct application form according to the country of destination, petitions written in the format requested by the embassy/consulate, the relevant accommodation and flight proof must be fully and correctly included in the visa application file. The person must be in front of the application center or embassy/consulate on time with this visa tracking file he/she has prepared. When it is time for his/her appointment, he/she will attend the interview with his/her personal documents.

5. Fingerprint

After a successful interview process, if the person is getting a visa for the first time, he/she enters the fingerprint scan. According to the law enacted after September 26th, 2014 for Schengen Countries (Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, etc.), if the person gives fingerprints for visa procedures as of this date, this information will remain registered in the system for 5 years and, except in some cases, it will not be required for the person to give fingerprint again. However, for countries such as America and England, the applicant is expected to attend the interview each time. 

6. Visa application fee

After the fingerprinting is completed, the visa application fee is paid. The payment method of the application fee completely varies from country to country. Some of the countries that is applied by appointment require an appointment fee, while others do not. 

7. Visa application process tracking

Completion of the payment process, in a way, indicates the end of the visa application process. However, completing the visa application does not mean that your process is over. The embassy or consulate has the right to request additional documents from the applicant until you are notified of your visa result. For this reason, you should follow up your application status by phone or online with the 'application tracking slip' given to you after your application process is completed. Your visa result will be sent to your address by mail according to the countries, you are expected to receive it from the application center or the relevant embassy / consulate in person, or it can be obtained through the person who follows your application procedures on your behalf and the institutions that provide visa consultancy services.

After the completion of all these procedures, if the visa application result of the person is positive, the visa approval is entered into the passport. The visa approval given includes information such as 'visa duration, single or multiple entry'. If the visa application result of the person is negative, that is, if the rejection response is given, this rejection statement is delivered to the person with his/her passport. In the rejection document, there are 9 items for Schengen Countries and the same explanations for everyone. However, in countries such as the UK and Canada, a specific visa rejection document is issued for personal reasons. Depending on the reason for the rejection, the person always has the right to apply for a visa again, without time limit.  

What is a Passport?

A passport is a type of internationally accepted identity document used by those traveling abroad. In other words, it is a document issued by the competent authorities to those who will go to foreign countries and valid during the identity examination of the officials of the foreign country they want to go to.

A passport, although it varies according to the type, is obtained by the authorized institutions upon request by paying the fee and the book fee. 

How to Get a Passport? How to Apply for a Passport?

In order to obtain a passport, it is necessary to make a passport application appointment first. First of all, you need to make an appointment on the passport appointment page. After entering the page, the passport type and the place where the passport will be taken must be selected. At this point, the applicant's personal information must be entered correctly and completely. 

After the appointment is made, the documents requested on the appointment date are completed and the passport procedures are completed by going to the institution where the appointment was made. 

Documents Required for Passport 

Documents required for passport varies according to the type of passport to be obtained. However, the following documents are generally required for all passport types:


Biometric photo

Passport fee and book fee

Old passport, if any

Consent for minors

Fingerprints are required to be taken during passport application.

Passport Types

 Maroon Passport (Ordinary Passport)

Green Passport (Special Passport)

Grey Passport (Service Passport)

Black Passport (Diplomatic Passport)

In How Many Days Does the Passport Application Conclude?

Passport application completion time varies between 3 and 10 working days, depending on the intensity of the directorates.

Passport Renewal

Expiration of your current passport is the most important reason for passport renewal. However, if there is a change in your identity information, this will require your passport to be renewed. In the passport renewal process, the same appointment and application procedures should be made in the passport application. For passport renewal, the necessary documents must be prepared for the application in the same way. The passport renewal fee varies every year and is paid as passport fees and passport book fee.

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Note: There is no certainty in your passport and visa applications. If the relevant country does not consider it appropriate for you to obtain a passport and visa, your application may be rejected.


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