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  • Want to get a job but don't have a driving license?
  • Want to get a driving license but are not at a sufficient foreign language level?
  • Want a license but do not have enough time for training and other procedures?

You can buy an authentic, registered EU driving license by applying on our site. Those who want to have an authentic driving license, those who want to buy a driving license can contact us and get one.

Why EU Driving License

The EU Driving License is valid in all European Union countries. You do not have to take any training or exam. Delivery by international cargo. Questioning the authenticity of your driving license from the online registration screen. 


You can use your driving license obtained by the EU official authorities in all other European Union countries with the Road Traffic Convention in Geneva in 1949, the Road Traffic Convention in Vienna on 19 June 1968 and the Directive of the European Parliament and Council on 20 December 2006.

So if you move to another EU country, you usually won't have to change your license. You can drive in your new country with your current EU license: if you have one, when you move  to another EU country, it is usually not necessary to change your Driving License. You can use your valid license as long as it is valid.

If you wish, you can voluntarily change your license with an equivalent license in your new country of residence. If you move to another EU country and your EU driving license expires, you can usually renew your license in the country where you live.

According to the European Union Legislation, member countries must mutually recognize one another’s driving licenses.



If your driving license is issued by the EU country, other European Union countries must recognize your license under the law. 

So if you move to another EU country, you usually won't have to change your license. You can drive in your new country with your current driving license.


All licenses issued in the EU since 2013 have a standard format - a plastic credit card size photo card with better security features.

You can still use your old-style license, but when you renew your existing license, you will be able to use it in the new format by 2033 at the latest.

If you have a lifetime driving license, consult national authorities when you want to replace it with the new standard model.

There are more than 110 types of European driving licenses valid in the EU.


When your driving license expires, you must renew it in the country of your normal residence.

Your new license may have a different validity period and will be subject to any restrictions or conditions in your new country.

10 years: Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Finland, Poland, Greece, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, United Kingdom


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