Hello; Our company provides professional driving license, health and education consultancy services to individuals and companies in Poland and Ukraine.

EU Driving License was established in 2000 in Ukraine. We also started operating in Poland in 2005. We are currently celebrating 20 years of steady success. Since 2000, we have provided consultancy services to 27.000 customers in the fields of driving license, health and education.

Thanks to our cooperation with numerous representatives in embassies, different government institutions and the ministry of interior or foreign affairs, we serve our customers quickly and accurately.

Until today, we have served more than 15,000 customers on providing driving license.

All of our documents are original and genuine. Our documents are official documents authorized by legal authorities registered in databases, verified by legal government officials.

Together with our assistants, we provided quick responses to 89% of the applications of our customers, who always reached us 24/7, and informed our customers correctly.

All our customers have received their documents so far and there have been no complaints so far regarding the receipt and use of the documents.

All of our registered documents have passed through UV light and other verification equipment. All of our documents are used to travel safely without the police stopping you. And our documentation contains all the hidden features.


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